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Weekly Recap 8/29/2021

Nothing to See Here?

Bargain hunters abound despite delta variant and geopolitical concerns.

The Weekend Rip: Sunday Funday

Equities finally buckle under delta variant and geopolitical concerns.

Optimism among individual investors about the short term saw substantial increase.

Neutral sentiment short term

S&P component recent % changes (All Green in the air)

Morningstar Weekly summary

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Which Companies Belong to the Elite Trillion-Dollar Club?

New Orleans Goes Dark After Hurricane Ida Inflicts "Catastrophic Transmission Damage"

When Will Your Country Recover from the Pandemic?

Viral Infographic Reveals The Shocking Amount Of Military Hardware Biden Handed To The Taliban

Morgan Stanley: This Fall We Expect The Mid-Cycle Transition To End With A 10%+ S&P 500 Correction

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